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Mexican Authorities Catch Hugo Casanova Along With Mexican Drug Dealers

Hugo CassanovaA hard blow has been dealt to organized crime elements as the Mexican Navy raided the house of the Mexican drug lord of The Pelones in Chetumal, Carlos Cabañas Catzin alias “El Monstruo “, where he was arrested along with eight people, including two Belizean nationals in possession of 45 kilograms of the synthetic drug known as crystal meth.

It is the first major hit to be performed during the command of Vice Admiral General Corps Staff Graduate Arturo Fernando Castanon Zamacona, of the Eleventh Naval District, based in Chetumal. 

Naval Zone XI confirmed the arrest today of a major drug dealer for The Pelones in the southern state of Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Catzin Carlos Cabañas, who was the chief in place in the Riviera Maya.

Members of the Navy of Mexico along with other federal agencies planned their raid on Thursday afternoon.

According to reports 45 kilograms of suspected crystal meth was found (about 50 thousand doses ready for distribution and retail marketing) along with eight suspected members of organized crime who were inside the building. 

The drugs were valued at at least 11 million pesos and were found grouped into bags and these in turn were found in several refrigerators. 

Authorities claim the people found were Carlos Cabañas Catzin aka “The Monster”, his brother Nestor Alberto Catzin Cabañas, Luis Juarez Lopez, Alejandro Lugo Courtenay, Fabiola Juarez Lopez and Rosa Patricia Morales Olan of Mexican Nationality and Hugo Casanova and Ermelindo Vázquez of Belizean nationality.

In addition three vehicles were also confiscated including a silver gray 2500 Dodge Ram Pickup with License Plate Number CP-09846 registered in Campeche, which was parked on the opposite side outside of Catzin’s house, a gray older Nissan pickup with License Plate Number TB-45853 registered in Quintana Roo and a Silver Gray Renault Clio compact car with License Plate Number ZAF-6988 registered in the Yucatan.

At approximately  5:50 PM on Thursday February 7th, two vans filled with Navel members belonging to the 25th Battalion Marines arrived at the home of Carlos Cabanas Catzin on Avenida Benito Juarez between Camelias and Justo Sierra, Colonia Jesus Martinez Ross.

The marines all dressed in civilian clothing approached the house which was the sign for their companions to begin deploying through out the next two blocks and stopping traffic from entering Avenida Benito Juarez.

Tenants who rent apartments in a building adjacent to the house were evicted in order to prevent any civillian casualties.

At around 6:30 PM a group of marines left the residence taking with them (2) women and (6) men who boarded a military vehicle and were taken to headquarters on Avenida Insurgentes and Emiliano Zapata in Chetumal.

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